Monday, February 1, 2010

1979 John Romita MARVEL TEAM-UP THRILLERS Original Art! Spidey! Iron Man! Marvel!

Wow! Another fabulous piece of original art by the great John Romita sr.! Here is the b/w art for the 1979 Fireside book, MIGHTY MARVEL TEAM-UP THRILLERS! Used as the back cover, here is Romita showing his masterful rendering on Spidey, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, the X-Men, Red Sonja, and all the Bronze Age Marvel greats! Click to enlarge!


Spico said...

¡Thank you very much, Big Glee! I'am a Sonja's fan... Would it be possible see this original art without the stamp on Sonja? It's a stupid request, I know... but you already know: the friky fans ;) Hugs!

P. D: You excuse my poor English (I'm spanish...). I hope I've written well...

Al Bigley said...


This is the only scan of the art I now have!

All the best!

Al Bigley

Spico said...

Thanks also, Al! Excelsior!