Thursday, February 4, 2010

1976 SUPERMAN VS SPIDER-MAN Original Cover Art! Ross Andru!

Below is the original comic art for the cover to the 1976 literary blow-out, SUPERMAN VS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Drawn by Ross Andru, with Inks by Dick Giordano (and, reportedly, Neal Adams), this is one of the greatest 70s iconic images for comics fans! Click here to see my previous post, where I (at age 11) made my own swipe-er-HOMAGE to this famous cover scene! Click images below to enlarge!

BONUS: Click below to enlarge this fabulous cover re-creation (by Dick Giordano) of this far-famed cover art! From the collection of Randy Lawrence!

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Al Bigley said...

I think it was THIS comic I mail-ordered that snagged me that first SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE CATALOG I've been blogging about.

You can relax now.