Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1976 SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE Catalog-Volume 2! Mego! Marvel Mirrors!

 FACE FRONT! Here we have the second official "Superhero Shop" SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE Catalog, from 1976! Still circulated only to fans who have placed previous orders, this rare catalog is chok-a-blok full of toys and comics items of the day, including the debut of the new wave of Mego Marvel action figures!

Speaking of Mego, you can see where I circled the much-desired Thor figure (got later at a store) in the ad page above! I also numbered the pages...Say, that Batmobile illo is pretty darned cool!

Here is the ordering page, above left, where I clearly did NOT understand the "example" ordering instructions! Never sent the order, of course. Putting together that much allowance, AND buying that week's comics was simply impossible! That elusive Thor figure...

Above are, or course, the mighty Marvel Mirrors, as advertised on the pages above! Is that HULK illo by Jim Starlin? Click to enlarge all images!

BONUS: Found! Click below to glare at the sensational source of the above Hulk mirror image!

Above: This 1972 issue of MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL (right) sports a colossal
cover that seems to spotlight a scintillating Starlin/Sinnott scribbled shot! 

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