Friday, February 26, 2010

1974 John Buscema FANTASTIC FOUR Treasury Pin-Up Original Art! Marvel!

Direct from the pages of the FANTASTIC FOUR Marvel Treasury Edition from '74, here is the eye-poppin' double-page spread of the FF's cast and crew, as drawn by comic art legends John Buscema and Joe Sinnott! Click to enlarge, and feast your eyes, frantic one!


Al Bigley said...

Actually, those inks may be by "fearless' Frank Giacoia!


Anonymous said...

Hi, AL !
Beautiful piece...and I totally agree--Frank G. was the inker on this one! You must be a very proud and lucky owner!
Alex Saviuk
PS. Frank was one of my favorite inkers. He made EVERYBODY's work shine, from the best pencilers to the weakest who needed someone to help make them look good. I am happy to say that he inked a few covers I drew, and according to one of his assistants, I found out he enjoyed finishing my pencils. I still miss him...

Al Bigley said...



I own VERY little of the art I display here..All comes from years of collecting it thru ads, copies, trading, the internet, etc...

I DO own about 15 choice 60s and 70s pieces, but that's about it!