Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1968 CAPTAIN AMERICA Original Cover Art! Jack Kirby! Marvel Comics!

A fabulous Jack Kirby/Syd Shores iconic image of CAPTAIN AMERICA, for the cover of CAP 109, from 1968! Click to enlarge this fantastic original cover!

BONUS! Look below to gawk at yet another version of the awesome original cover art!

Thanks to Narayan Sky for the above sensational scan!

BONUS BONUS: Click below to see this incredible image on a terrific tee, modeled by me!


Ferran Delgado said...

Beautiful!! But it's a pity that so much linework was lost in reproduction. Do you have a larger image of the original? It would be nice to enjoy the detail since it disappeared in the published cover.

Al Bigley said...


This was the best image I had snagged...I DO like Shore's work better in B/W, tho...Less "muddying" in the reproduction...