Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unpublished AVENGERS 37 Cover! Don Heck! Gil Kane! Marvel!

Below is the original comic art for AVENGERS 37, from 1967! Drawn by Don Heck, one can imagine it was rejected only due to the reader seeing the backs of the heroes in defeat, as opposed to frontal poses, with the Avengers in full battle mode...Still, a great Silver Age cover! The published version is on the right!Click to enlarge!



Unknown said...

I guess the editors wanted space for the teaser/title, too, right? The unpublished cover doesn't give much room for any extra lettering.

M. Page said...

I saw this printed quite small in color in an Avengers special magazine in the early 90's, I think. It'ws such a shame Stan didn't use this, I think it would be remembered as Mr. Hecks best Avengers cover. Kirby also did a version for the reprint in Marvel Triple Action in the 70's. I would love to see all 3 reprinted side by side in a Masterworks or some place. Have always thought Mr. Hecks' Avengers is way underrated. Mike Page