Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unpublished 1971 SPIDER-MAN 97 Cover! Gil Kane Original Marvel Comic Art!

Below is the unpublished (left) cover rough for SPIDER-MAN 97, from 1971! Composed by Gil Kane, this was to be the cover for the controversial "drug use" issue of the book, involving a cast member falling under the spell of some pretty heavy addictions. Perhaps the original take was seen as one that would attract TOO much attention to the comic's sensitive contents? The final published cover (by John Romita Sr.) is on the right. Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Cast your unblinking eyes below to see yet another early
 take on this controversial cover! Note how the panic-producing pills 
(and bottles) have been excluded and excised! Looks like tons of 
touch-ups by John Romita, Sr. and Frank Giacoia were involved!


Blitzdawg said...

Hey, Al! Who would've thought with deadlines and the way artists were paid back then that so many covers would not get used after they got to such a finished point! These are really fascinating to look at and compare, and wonder what was going on with the editor, writer and artist!

Ferran Delgado said...

This is historic!! Thanks for sharing!

Ferran Delgado said...

Btw, it was one of the first comic published without the stamp of the code...