Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rare Gene Colan Original Art Book! Daredevil! Captain America!

  As part of a recent retrospective at California's Cartoon Art Museum, here is a commemorative book put together for the event. GENE COLAN-VISIONS OF A MAN WITHOUT FEAR! is an incredible book worth finding (if you can), showcasing many of Gene's covers, pages, and splashes for Marvel and DC (among others) over the years!

The original B/W art reproduction is beyond superb (who knew such delicate linework was involved in Bill Everett's inks on Gene?), and, note here, the subtle changes between Gene's finished work, and the published versions. Click all to enlarge! 


To visit Gene and his site, or to order your own custom art, and to see tons of his terrific artwork, click on Gene's pic below!

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