Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1975 Superhero Toy Catalog! Marvel Comics! Spider-Man! Mego!

If you're a long-time comics fan, you've probably seen the late-70s Superhero catalogs from HEROES WORLD and Ivan Snyder. Here is something a bit more rare. It's the inagural SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE catalog, from late 1975! Put out by Marvel, and featuring only Marvel goodies, this item paved the way for what Snyder (who is a co-producer here) would do with his catalogs in the coming years, as he offered both Marvel and DC comics items, as well as then-new toys from STAR WARS, ALIENS, etc...Click to enlarge...

Above: Anybody ever see one of those neat ties in real life? And, it's interesting to note they were still selling leftover MMMS merch as late as '75!
Above: Always thought that Marvel popsicle ad was sorta funny. I'd love to see the "Comic Doodles" set today, with all that primo cover art reproduced within!

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Al Bigley said...

I think I got this along with the SUPERMAN VS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN tabloid special I ordered thru the mail. I somehow thought that book was too special to take my chances on missing it in stores!