Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Invincible IRON MAN '76 Superhero Stamps! Gene Colan Art!

Once more with the 1976 high-quality Superhero stamp sets! Here is the IRON MAN set, complete with folder (front and back), as well as a really nice gold foil stamp! Click to enlarge, and see recent posts for more superhero stamp madness!

I liked that above right Iron Man image so much, I created my own custom Mego card (below) with it!


inkdestroyedmybrush said...

no colan artwork there however! i would argue that the majority of those poses were copped and reinked from george tuska, except for the chain breaking iron man that was taken from an kirby original (which had the two front panel lines that would open up on his chest.

All of those have been re-inked to make him look shiny, not something taht was done in the 60 and very early 70's. Odd. Always thought that it was odd. Starlin and Perez were the first to make him consistantly shiny. Perez in the Avengers and starlin in Captain Marvel and Marvel two in one. (and Iron Man #55 and #56, though not like he would later...)

Al Bigley said...

I always noted that, too. Maybe the Continuity guys from Neal Adams studio re-touched?

I think many early IRON MAN artists maybe also thought the "golden" portions of his outfit were flexible and cloth, with only the red head, torso, and arms and feet areas actual armor...

Al Bigley