Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1976 Superhero Stamps! Batman! Neal Adams! Dick Giordano!

STAMP OUT SUPERHEROES! Below is the 1976 ad for a series of 12 stamp sets, 6 each of Marvel and DC characters! I'm gonna spotlight most of the sets in the coming weeks,starting here with BATMAN!

These sets (by Celebrity Stamps, inc.) were sorta aimed at older comics and stamp collectors, hence the sterling production. Great color and registration (at a time when even the comics had little of both), and fully embossed, these were terrific items to collect! Click on images to enlarge!

Above right is an example of the custom art used inside the stamp book (cover below)! Great art by Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, Dick Dillin, Irv Novick, Carmine Infantino, and many more!

Yes, most of mine ended up on brown paper bag book covers in 7th grade, but I re-acquired these in the mid-90s, pre-eBay, and have them framed and displayed.

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