Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1970 PRO! Magazine! Marvel Comics Invades the NFL! Spidey! Hulk! Buscema!

In one of the oddest (and earliest) examples of Marvel Comics cross-promotions, here is a 1970 PRO! souvenir magazine program book, featuring the Marvel Superheroes doubling for then-famous football stars! Click to enlarge!


It's also interesting to note that this is a rare art job of the
era NOT done by John Romita Sr.! Instead, Big John Buscema stepped in (helped by wordsmith Stan Lee), to superbly handle the spot illo chores on this custom job!


Anonymous said...

I just recently got one of these books. Any idea on the value of somethin like this? Please amd thank you

Al Bigley said...


I've seen it go for as little as $30, and as high as $100, depending on condition, and if it has the "coin" attached!

Al Bigley