Sunday, November 1, 2009

Todd McFarlane! The UNmaking of a Comics Artist "MAD" Spoof!

It's time for me to pick on poor ol' Todd McFarlane. You know, the guy who bought certain Major League baseballs for a million dollars?

That little early 2000s transaction prompted me to create this very cathartic 3-page Todd parody, targeted at MAD magazine.

Todd ushered in a new era in 90s comic books, with his--uh--different art style. His was a look that valued flash and style over storytelling and substance, but became popular with folks new to comics. Next thing ya knew, that kinda art style was rammed into every comic, which sorta lead to a veritable flood of crappy books, which sorta lead to the speculator boom and bust, and almost brought down mainstream comics publishing. In many ways,  the industry STILL hasn't really recovered.

So, read and enjoy this silly spoof of Todd, his balls, his toys, his "art," and his brethren!



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Jeff Austin said...

Good spoof, Al. If the subject matter wasn't such a raw wound to old time comic fans like myself, I'd be laughing harder. I was helping a comic shop owner run a convention table back during the implosion of the 90's, and it was like the end of days. Every show a few less retailers set up. Anyway, nice send up of Ol' Todd. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...cough....