Sunday, October 18, 2009

Robin Dies at Dawn! Sorta...

Here is a very violent image of Robin, the Teen Wonder (as he was known in the swingin' 70s) being shot down by an unseen assailant! A shocked (and pudgy) Batman wails in disbelief in the background!

This is from 1977 or so, during my days of worship at the Neal Adams hyper-realism art altar. Inspired by reprints of the early 70s BATMAN "Demon's Head" storyline, here is my take on one of the most shocking elements of the plot.

Is that thug holding Batman back, or just standing near him? Looks like an accountant...

Poor Robin. This wasn't a "real" assassination attempt, but, only 11 years after I drew this, jaded comics readers would demand for the "real" death of the 2nd Robin, who DID die a horrid (fully detailed) death in the comics. Sigh.

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Al Bigley said...

I just noticed--I gave Robin 6 fingers on his right hand!

Al Bigley