Monday, October 26, 2009

Gorgeous Gil Kane MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION Cover Art! 1973 Greatness!

Another great 1973 Marvel original cover art piece, this time the front of MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION # 10, reprinting early 60s AVENGERS tales! Great pencils by Gil Kane, with slick inks by (possibly) Joe Sinnott!


Al Bigley said...

Notice that missing word balloon at the lower right!

Al Bigley

Anonymous said...


Inking here is by Frank Giacoia, not Romita, although he probably provided the cover layout for Kane and touch ups.

Nick Caputo

John Knight, Coventry, UK said...

Talk about being way behind - only 5 years! But I'm catching up.

That is the weirdest drawing of Giant-Man I've ever seen.

The original story contained in that issue of Marvel Triple Action is from Avengers 16, but Giant-Man never had a mask like that during that time and never ever had an outfit with bare arms that I'm aware of.

The mask is very Goliath (the eye coverings) while the shoulder tips are reminiscent of the final Giant-Man outfit of the time, but not right.

As I say, weird.