Friday, September 4, 2009

Swingin' Spidey Medallion '73!

If you were a young Spider-Man fan in 1973, the hot item to glom onto was this fab Spidey medallion! Advertised in the comics (see below), this little prize seemed so darned tempting, with it's wonderful custom John Romita Sr art (on both sides, yet), and available accessories!

I wanted the necklace version (what 8-year old needed a keychain?), but my Dad forbade it. In his eyes, I might as well have worn a dress!

Dig the pic below! Who knew you could get the art on a T-shirt?!

Like many aging fans, I got my medallion years later, through fellow collectors or eBay. 

Here's the 1973 ad from FOOM magazine!

BONUS! Look below to see the original Romita pencilled rough design for this magnificent medallion!

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