Thursday, September 10, 2009

1974 Wonder Bread BATMAN Trading Cards! Joker!

Here are only 3 of the many 1974 Wonder Bread promotional trading cards! Each came inside a loaf of the bread, and featured custom art by comics veteran Lee Elias! Beautiful and unusual (for it's time) artwork! Here are the front and back images for the cards! More soon!


Retro Hound said...

I've got some of these posted at by blog, only I thought they were Rainbow bread. I could be wrong on that, it was a long time ago.

Al Bigley said...

Could have been a promo for both firms! One may have owned the other!


CHER said...

any more info on these? I have a wonder woman card.

saintends said...

The art for two of these cards is being offered on ebay, right now-- a Batman and a Robin:

The seller was unaware of the artist and I referred him to your blog -- which is great, by the way!!