Monday, September 14, 2009

1966 Batmobile! "Crazy Car" Book! Batman!

Here are a few pages from the 1974 CRAZY CAR BOOK, spotlighting the George Barris' 1966 TV Batmobile!

I ordered this book as part of the Scholastic book club thru my 5th grade classroom program, and treasured it as a young Batman fan. Wasn't so easy getting pics of the Batmobile in pre-internet 1975!

This also coincided with my fascination with custom cars or "show rods." I built SO many model kits of all the George Barris, Tom Daniels, and Dean Jeffries custom cars that lined toy store shelves then. I built kits of the Mongoose and Snake drag cars, the Tarantula, Ice T, S'cool Bus, Cherry Bomb, Paddy Wagon, and so on...

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