Friday, August 28, 2009

Thor Stamp! Neal Adams!

A rare 1976 Neal Adams ink illo of THE MIGHTY THOR from the MARVEL COMICS SUPER HERO STAMP ALBUM! Some of this book (and the DC Comics version as well) came thru the Continuity Studios, so Neal and Dick Giordano got to draw some little-seen artwork therein.

Also, see my 1977 attempt to capture the same impact in my OWN swiped THOR art. I was using croquill pens, and trying for Neal's impeccable "thick and thin" linework, but...


More rare Marvel Stamp Book art soon!

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Jerry Brand said...

I still have my stamp book with all the stamps and packaging for all the stamps. There is some fantastically awesome artwork in the book and on the stamps. I have the Marvel sets, but not the DC sets.