Saturday, August 29, 2009

MarvelCon 1976! You are There! Face Front!

Some random images from the MIGHTY MARVEL MARVELCON '76 convention book! Also, some scans from a concurrent FOOM fan magazine, spotlighting the guests and panels!

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Mitchell said...

I remember wanting to go to this SO badly as a kid in the 70's! A few years back I bought the program at a con ( the cover of which you show in this post ) I used to dream about what it would be like to take classes from "BIG JOHN" himself, actually fantasize about being in the classroom, taking tips from the master, and having him give my scribbles the "once-over". Alas it was never to be...I was only ten years old then, and it wasn't in the cards. I still think about it when I draw today, ( sigh ) thanks for the post, and the pics of the bags... I never saw those before, or the FOOM article either.