Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School '76!

Here are some images from the back-to-school Mead Marvel 1976 comics products. Covers of the day were splattered all over portfolios, loose-leaf paper assortments, notebooks, etc! Each item came not only with a cover reproduction, but with interior comics panels on the insides and back! Terrific art by John Romita sr, George Perez, Jack Kirby, Herb Trimpe, Rich Buckler, and John Buscema throughout.I had a few of these, but the best of them all was the "trapper keeper." A three-paneled monster with tons of comic interior art from the Marvel mags, and images of all 6 covers as seen on the rest of the line! It had all that, plus folders, pockets, paper clasps, pencil holders....I was so ready for 6th grade at Washington Park Middle!

Above: Dig the Herb Trimpe HULK iron-on image on this early ad for the products.
Later replaced by the standard "running Hulk" Trimpe drawing.

Above: The now very hard-to-find "trapper keeper!" Here is its exterior,
folded out for full viewing! And this was just the outside!

BONUS! Click below to see me, in 2013, modeling the captivating Captain America tee!

BONUS! Click here to glance at some of the rarest Mead Marvel products from this line!


The Groovy Agent said...

Man, I had those! Started the 8th grade in Marvel style! I had the trapper keeper, the Avengers binder, the FF portfolios, and the Hulk filler paper/iron on. Wanted something with Cap on it, but never found anything in my area. Great memories!

Al Bigley said...

I think I had most of the portfolios, but the THOR one....Didn't get the notebooks, either, but all else!
Fun stuff!