Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aurora Origins?

Anyone of a --er--certain age will be familiar with Aurora model kits. During the 60s and 70s, this New England firm produced wonderful model kits of cars, monsters, ships, planes, and ..superheroes.

Over the years, I've made around 3 different version of the Batman and Robin Aurora model kits. To be fair, my dad made the first, as I was too young to be let near the pre-sniff proof model glue and bright non-washable paints, so...

But I always wondered how the designers at the firm came up with the poses used on the hero kits. They get big points for the diorama settings, as opposed to, say, Superman simply standing with his hands on hips, but what was the planning process like?

They may have started with these two Batman and Robin poses from the comics and merchandise of the time. I think the base diorama surroundings were brought in later, to add interaction with the hero and action.

The Batman print image, of course, was by Carmine Infantino, who was the artist behind so many 60s Batman images...

Batman and Robin, it can be argued, were also in swinging poses. Both look as if one or both hands coulda been grasping handy Batropes...

YOU be the judge! 

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