Saturday, June 6, 2009

1976 Spider-Man Whitman Painting!

A great painting of ol' Webhead, from the 1976 Whitman storybook.

Yes, Spidey is putting the wrap on Doc Ock beside the World Trade Center tower...

Anyone know the artist for this piece?


Reis O'Brien said...

Earl Norem? It kind of looks like his style to me. Just a guess.

Sam said...

Wow! I had this one when I was a kid. Don't know the artist....but thanks for the memories.

Ashley Holt said...

Loved this book. The artwork inside had garish color, but was fascinating in how off-model it was. Looked most likely to be drawn by someone from the book illustration field rather than a comics artist - although I don't think the cover artist and interior artist were the same, from the looks of it. I really love that Spider-Man logo.

Al Bigley said...

I agree!

I recall looking this over in a Roses store in '76, and kinda digging how "odd" Spidey looked!

I use this as an example on how there used to be a "right way" to draw characters, and it was shock to see them off-model then.

Now? Spidey looks wildly different in every monthly book he appears in! Heck, in every panel of the books he now appears in!

Al Bigley

Jerry Brand said...

I have this book and have wondered since 1976 who the artist was. I was also bugged by how Spidey "looked different". He didn't look right. Back then I looked forward to Andru/Esposito each month to deliver the goods!