Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rap with Cap! Rare 1966 Tifton Records Songs and Stories! Marvel!

OK-Here we have the hard-to-find 1966 CAPTAIN AMERICA Tifton 45 story and song...OK audio, so hit the links below and start your star-spangled, flag-waving listening pleasure!


If you've ever heard the Tifton WONDER WOMAN story by the same guys (re-released on the 1976 JUSTICE LEAGUE Power Records LP), this (click below) should seem darned familiar..



Blitzdawg said...

Cap looks so sad (or worried) on that cover. Any idea on who the artist was on the cover?

Al Bigley said...

No idea as to cover artists. It's assumed staff artists at the record firm took Jack Kirby art and re-drew and re-fitted it to conform to the die-cut sleeve shapes…

These four 45 covers are some of the all-time oddest images of Marvel characters you'll every see!

Al Bigley