Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Jerky Jimmy!

Here we have JIMMY OLSEN number 127, from 1970. During DC Comic's "relevancy" period of self-exploration and searching for answers to the nation's ills, we have Superman's Pal going undercover (for a DAILY PLANET expose article) in the slums of Metropolis to uncover sordid living conditions and corrupt landlords.
Not a problem, when you count the Man of Steel as a best bud, you'd think? Dig Supe's reaction when Jimmy asks for some super-help to this serious dilemma! Superman just can't be bothered with what he perceives as another of Jimmy's silly bits of hijinks! He even dismisses the living conditions (cockroaches, mice, rats, etc) at a glance! Superman is off to fight evil bank robbers while folks starve in the ghetto! "It's YOUR baby, not mine!" Horray!

And, Jimbo don't come off so good, either. He really only gets involved when he spies a hot chicky he digs living in said slums. It then becomes all about impressing her.
Finally, after Jimmy coralls the corrupt landlord behind the ailing tenement slums, only then does Superman get involved by building better housing, etc. Like he couldn't have done that to BEGIN with? Seems like he was shamed into it with Jimmy's newspaper expose of the problem!

And, of course, by next issue, all is back to the status quo.

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