Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jimmy Olsen-Playa?!

From the 1967 gala, long-awaited, 100th issue of JIMMY OLSEN, we finally get to see Jimbo wed Lucy (Lois' sister) Lane! AT LAST!

But wait! Can Jimmy give up all his past loves once entering into married bliss? Watch as he gently lets down past flames (even past flames from the far future, as JO has been known to do a bit of time traveling)! Notice the hi-jinks as the ladies put on airs to make Jimmy THINK they're all broken up over his going off-market! DC fun!Next, Superman zooms in to offer his wedding gift to the new couple. What could be more appropriate from the most enlightened man in the world? Super-robots to help Lucy with all her feminine married chores, such as cleaning, shopping, and stewardessing! Supes even spends his valuable time (aren't kids starving in China?) to hand-deliver invites to the planet's dignitaries for this much-anticipated wedding! Thanks, pal!

But, during the nerve-shattering build-up to the nuptials, Lois Lane has a severe breakdown! Can ya blame her as she throws a hissy over her sister's happiness? Feel your emotions rend as Lois bends under the realization that Superman will probably never commit to her, so she will die alone, sad and broken!

But, the tension mounts even higher! Lucy is given magic lipstick that turns Superman into a horrid human mole (don't ask)! She buckles under the pressure of having to postpone the wedding to keep the world's mighty hero safe from harm for a few days! It takes tough-talking Lois (now fully pulled back together), to talk hard sense into her sis! These women!

But, alas, just as you feel you can't take another drama-soaked minute, all is well again. Lucy realizes that her playa JO has been with too many gals from the past, present, and future to compete, so she gives in. Can ya blame the poor gal?

And Jimmy? He seems just fine avoiding the walk down the isle! Check that last panel!

And, below, Jimmy deftly sums up the whole nail-biting adventure. 'Nuff said!

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