Monday, April 13, 2009

1977 Drew Struzan DC Painted Power-Packed Posters! Batman! Wonder Woman!


joemagic said...

only the batman and superman is drew struzan artwork.
wonder woman color art by another artist.
drew did do the sketch in the early stages of this project but never did the color poster art.

Anonymous said...

Wow it's incredible looking at them again. I had the Batman , and Superman one on my wall when I was 8 years old. I think I remember a Spider-man one too. They were so different than anything I had seen at that age. The way they were done made them look like real people.

Anonymous said...

Same person as above: The Batman poster was the most life like. I remember staring at it when trying to go to bed at night and it was like looking at Batman come to life. Not the campy 60's one I was use to but a cool Batman which no one would come close to seeing till the Batman 1989 movie over 12 years later. Which for a kid was a lifetime

Al Bigley said...


You'll notice a lot of painted comic art (Earl Norem, Bob Larkin) on this blog. That's because I loved the rare piece of painted art in the 70s, as that was the closest we could get to seeing the comic characters depicted in a fully "realistic" way!

Why I also adored the posters you mentioned. It was nice to have an image of Batman based on the then-current 70s "grim creature of the night," as he was being portrayed then in the comics (and, yes, much later in the movies, who took that 70s period Batman as a large inspiration)...

The Marvel set consisted of Hulk, Cap, Spidey, and Thor, but were unfortunately marred by being produced via air-brush, making them seem like images of over-painted model kits, as opposed to the "realistic" DC versions..

Al Bigley