Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tom and Jerry Babies!

Somebody sent this to me with no note, except to say the artist is an adult, confined to her home, and loves trying to draw these famous cartoon characters whenever possible.

What do you think?



I don't think they are babies - if I remember my Tom and Jerry right, she's drawing Tom, Jerry and Jerry's sidekick "Tuffy" (Tuffy's the only 'baby' and wearing the diaper). If she's doing these free-hand, I dig them ... better art than seen in most modern-day coloring books!

thrdgll said...

If there was no note, how did you aquire all this info about the woman.

Your story's fishy, son.

Anonymous said...

A fellow fan scanned and sent via e-mail with that little bit of info. The artist wants to remain a mystery. Like Adam Austin.

Alright. I'm lying. It's me. Trying out for the new DC TOM AND JERRY BABIES DIE IN SPACE comic series.

I was 2nd runner-up. Lost to Gene Colan.