Friday, February 20, 2009

Chinese "Froth Gun!"

I love toys and goods where the Chinese-toEnglish translation goes awry. I found this little gem in a candy shop/toy store/tourist trap in sweet little Waxhaw, NC.

Here we have a bubble maker toy, strangely called a "froth gun," (because kids love froth!) complete with an odd photo of a little girl who appears to be giving us the finger.

But, take a gander at the blurb to the side. "The best like toys for the children."


Are they trying to say the best PEOPLE like toys for the children? Or that they make the best-LOVED toys for the children?

Odd stuff...

And, remember, this is the "new edition" of the beloved "froth gun!" And it's "flashing enter!"

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thrdgll said...

Damn - she IS flipping us off!