Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mike Nesmith-Super Pimp!

From a 1967 issue of Tiger Beat's MONKEE SPECTACULAR....Super-pimp Mike Nesmith seems to just HAVE to appear in a photo spread spotlighting his then-wife, Phyllis!

Show this to any current hardcore rapper and tell him this guy is the new king sh*t on the block.

He'll believe you.



The top photos of Big Pimpin' Mike as this menacing apparition hovering in the background behind his lil' filly amuses me to no end. Wonder if these are the same glasses he was wearing when he nearly punched out Donnie Kershner?

Craig Zablo said...

Big Pimpin' Mike -- lol -- gotta love it!

gilligan said...

When your mother invents liquid paper you can afford to be a big pimpin' godfather like Nesmith.