Friday, October 17, 2008

Almost Free!

Here's an ad for original comic book art, from around 1980.

Today's comic art from the 60s and 70s now commands major dollars, so to see an ad offering the pages for next to nothing is something to behold.

Keep in mind, tho, that many great pages could still be obtained for these prices until around the late 90s, when eBay debuted, bringing the relatively small number of hardcore fans and buyers together to bid against one another for desired art, thus causing prices to rise for many titles and certain artists.

I also have a 1978 catalog that mostly listed older pulp mag art, but, in the rear of the catalog, are prime Romita and Gil Kane key Marvel covers from the mid-70s, all priced from $25 to $35.


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Does seem amazing that within recent memory Gene Colan pages were going for $40.00 and under. To quote Howard the Duck, "WAUGH!"

I do have to question the ridiculous prices original comic book art now brings, and wonder if it will hold these artificial values being set by the deep pockets of the collector-elite, or will prices plummet in the generations to come?

As always, time will tell ... time will tell.