Monday, September 15, 2008

Beaded Batman!

Here is a piece of Batman merchandise you don't see very often. A 1975 Bake-A-Craft Batman "stained glass" beads kit! You added colored beads to the wire frame, bake the whole thing into a gooey paste, then put it in your window as a sorta "sunbeam catcher."

This kit is from 1975 (the year I recall buying one, and rushing home to have my Mom carefully assemble and cook the thing). Pictured here is my original finished Batman from then. Not much on detail, but an oddball item from the day!

Go to any craft store today, and you'll see that they still make these kinds of items. Mostly rainbows and horses for the gals, but they're still there.

I also have the Robin, from a recent eBay purchase. Let me know if you just can't live without seeing it, and I'll post it soon.

1 comment:

Jon K said...

Albert, you MUST show the Robin one! All the stuff I have in my Batman collectibles photo files, and that is something I've never seen before!