Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Vintage Batman!

Here we see a wonderful 1974 Batman drawing I did while in the grip of mania over the 1973 Batman Ideal playset.  I loved that toy, with it's beautiful cut-out images of the Batman cast of heroes and villains, all drawn by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson (or maybe Anderson alone?-Maybe Curt Swan?)!
The vinyl cover was what really grabbed me, so, here is one of many drawings where I copped that particular pose and attitude. I recall drawing other characters using this pose, and even a few school assignments ( I was often asked by teachers...)! Nothing like a pilgrim or circus clown rushing toward you with such urgency!

But, yes, I learned a great deal about foreshortening, depth, and body language from that toy cover art! 

Notice, too, how I labeled this "THE Batman," as, at that time, the comics were returning to calling him by his more mysterious, original tag.  Sounds awful and quite silly to hear "real" folks refer to him like that constantly in the new DARK KNIGHT film, but...

Sorry my signature was cut off the scan, but, rest assured, it was huge.

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thrdgll said...

That playset cover also features a classic element of super hero art I still use today: the tiny, uniform row of city buildings in the background. I always found this funny because rather than creating a feeling of urban action, it looked like the heroes were off in an open field somewhere, running as far away from the city as they could.

As for "THE Batman", I prefer the phrasing my father always used: "That Damn Batman."