Saturday, January 15, 2011

1985 Marvel Comics Rejection Letter! Jim Shooter Sez...

That's right. Altho very hard to believe, I once received one or two (dare I even say it?) rejection letters from comic book firms! I began sending in my (admittedly not-so-great) pencilling samples (look around this site for some of my early-80s gems) in 1985, only to receive a veritable mountain of such letters until getting the ball rolling professionally around 1988 or so (always being haunted by that feelings-cushioning phrase "not up to snuff" for years). At that time, I also very foolishly sent in my original art samples, not copies, which "Gentleman" Jim Shooter kindly returned, along with the note you see here. Say what you will about the (then) newly in-charge Shooter, but he didn't have to use his valuable time in such a manner, dealing with a possible comic pro newcomer like he did. 

I now use these letters to bolster the confidence of new artists looking to break in, demonstrating how you will face resistance, but if you simply keep at it... I hear comic firms no longer even look at new work, let alone take the time to send such rejections, so maybe we're looking at yet another relic from comicdom past! Click to enlarge!


Richard Bensam said...

I know what getting one of these from Marvel feels like, so thanks for being willing to share this one with your readers. I couldn't do the same, even after all these years!

(One thing I wish I'd been told much earlier in life was that writers end up treating their rejections as badges of honor, or hard-won battle scars; instead of permanently branding me as a fraud, rejection was my first entry into a distinguished club. But it was bad before someone explained that to me...)

Al Bigley said...

Agreed! You MUST see it as a hot coal bed you must walk thru to get to the "promised land.."

It also now provides me with a source of laughter..I mean, the 90s rejections were al from folks who are no longer even in the biz. Mike Rockwitz? Glen Herdling?! Who were THEY to tell ME about what was acceptable?

Al Bigley

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

This is funny--because around this same time, well, maybe 1983 or 84, I also got a Marvel rejection leter.....but mine was a black-and-white mimeograph of their rejection letters....apparently, my 6th-grade stuff wasn't even good enough to merit a piece of real stationery!